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Sunday, 5 December 2010


i've been thinking about dying my hair for a while now but recently ive been wanting to dye just the tips.
i could go down the conventional route and dye my hair light then wait for it to grow out but that could take years!
but ive heard other methods could be used:

Method 1:
dying the tips with Gatorade/Powerade/Kool Aid equivalent

Method 2:
lightening with baking soda

Mathod 3:
using a product called sun-in
although ive read this one damages your hair (for when you want to dye it properly)

Method 4:
i heard using food colouring works too but only for light hair, so thats not for me

method 1 seems interesting and plenty of colour choice right? i will have to do more reading on this, google i go!
what do you guys think?

+ it seems to be a trend for Spring/Summer 201: Vogue's - Dip dye trend


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